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Paver installation is a skill that requires education and specific knowledge. You really can't call Bob from down the street and slap a few pavers in by yourself and expect it to last for years. Additionally, many landscapers will offer hardscaping services, with their expertise in greenscaping many important details get omitted that show up later.

We SPECIALIZE in Hardscaping, it is all we do. Come by our showroom on Hwy 360 east from Richmond to discuss your next project.

The best family moments happen outdoors. Enjoy your backyard this season with the addition of an outdoor living space from Stone Exteriors

One of the most beautifying and creative additions you can make to your home or business is the addition of a patio surface, walkway, or creative stone and paver enhancement. These additions can add tremendous value and usability to your home or business. However, before you rush to the phone book and call just any paving contractor, there are things you probably need to consider.


The base material is determined, for the most part, by the condition of the soil that is located under where the pavers are to be laid. Each state is unique, but basically pavers are laid on their base material which is determined by the type of material used under that particular state's major roadways. We will be able to tell you offhand which material is used and how much is needed.

The foundation of the paver installation process must be precise. The soil density is vital to the paver installation process, and if you want the paver installation to last, it really is best to use a qualified professional paver contractor. A weak or saturated area of soil may not reach the required density levels for proper paver installation, and then naturally the area would need to be modified in order for the pavers to lay properly. The basic goal, outside of beautiful and sound construction of the paver area, is to create the soil foundation a minimum of 95% Proctor density. Without great enough density the inevitable is bound to happen sooner or later, and the pavers may crack, split, or cave in under you without warning. At Stone Exteriors we can explain exactly how this density requirement applies to your property, and what can be done to improve it prior to the paver installation.

Pavers can be installed in a variety of unique and interesting patterns to add flair and interesting qualities to your home, garden, or business. When laying pavers, long straight lines should be avoided, and either a basket weave pattern or a varying unique pattern should be used in straight line paver installation. This creates an ambiance that is reflective of your personality, as well as the home or business' personality. At Stone Exteriors we will show and interest you in all kinds of unique paver designs and show you exactly how paver installation can dramatically beautify your home or business.

At Stone Exteriors we will fully listen to your ideas, thoughts and desires and then build upon them. We offer certified installation services with over 20 years experience and references to ease your mind that the job will be done to the highest standards. When you choose Stone Exteriors, you will find we are as enthusiastic about your project as you are. Let us lend our creative and artistic expertise, our certified and professional know how to create the outdoor living space you have imagined and desired.

Our Services

Stone Exteriors is a leading Hardscape and Masonry Contractor that provides quality services to homeowners throughout the Ricmond Metro area. We take great pride in providing the most professional services to all of our esteemed clients with over 40 years of experience in Landscaping, Hardscaping and Masonry.

Stone Exteriors specializes in the following services:
  • Hardscaping
  • Masonry
  • Outdoor Fireplaces/Firepits
  • Brick Pavers
  • Barbecues
  • Water features
  • Natural Stone