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At Stone Exteriors we have carefully selected materials that will enhance any outdoor living space you might envision. With design options that include interlocking pavers, wall systems, stone veneer and natural stone you are only limited by your imagination.

Our vendors carry a huge inventory of styles and color of materials to choose from. It is our hope that one day we will be able to carry all the products that are offered, but currently we are limited to carefully selected selection of styles and colors. Good news is that most products can be ordered and received within five business days or sooner. Please take your time reviewing the different manufacturers/vendors, and the materials they provide.

Pavers(Pavers) Interlocking pavers are durable, versatile, all weather tolerant and have a multitude of design options available. Being man-made provides the manufacturing flexibility to produce an extensive range of colors, a wide variety of different shapes and sizes than any other type of paving material. Interlocking pavers are by far the best material for constructing outdoor living spaces.

Retaining Wall(Retaining Walls) Retaining walls are usually constructed with man made materials or with natural stone or a combination of both. Most outdoor living spaces are enhanced with the addition of decorative seating walls. These walls help define the borders between the living space and the landscape. Usually only 18″ to 24″ tall these wall also provide additional seating for guest and family.

natural stone(Natural Stone) Natural stone comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Since the beginning of time, natural stone has been used to build almost anything. Although the materials are very basic, the skill needed to get good results is very advanced. Unless it is a small project, we recommend that larger or detailed work be done by professionals. At Stone Exteriors, we believe that regional stones look best for most building projects. Please check out our selection of boulders, wall stones and flagstone.

Cultured Stone(Stone Veneer) Create the illusion of old world craftsmanship with the use of manufactured stone veneer. Man-made stone offers all the advantages of natural stone without the expense or hassle. In today’s busy world we all need to find a place to connect with nature. Stone veneer can create that connection that will add a calm and relaxing environment to any home. With our diverse selection we can match any style or color range to complement your home.

FireRock - (Fireplace) There are few additions you can make to your outdoor living experience that will bring a family or group of friends together like an outdoor fireplace. As far back as history can take us, we find records of fires burning in the center of villages, towns and cities as a place for the community to gather. Our outdoor fireplaces allow you and your guest to get back to nature while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of the indoors. Choose from one of our fireplace designs that reflects your individual style.

Water Feature(Water Features) Our popular water features are the perfect way to augment any outdoor space. The addition of water elements to any outdoor living space will elevate your sense of tranquility and relaxation. Our new Colorfalls Series of patio fountains are spell-binding to watch and hear. Our unique fountain basins can transform the average urn into a captivating water feature for you and your guest to enjoy.