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An Outdoor Living Space takes planning

Make a Plan for your Outdoor Living. More and more people think about taking their lifestyle outside, not only for the warmer months but now for the colder seasons as well. With outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and hot tubs, living outdoors is year round. If you’re thinking about how to create the right environment to transfer [...]

Study reveals underlying value of faux stone veneer

Respondents to an Owens Corning study indicated they were as much as 50 percent more likely to consider purchasing a new home featuring an exterior with the company’s Cultured Stone (ProStone) veneer exterior than one without. They also judged a home with stone veneer-enhanced entry way to be $9,300 more valuable than the same home [...]

2 for 1 from Pavestone for Summer Fun.

One of the biggest trends in outdoor living spaces is the addition of a fire element. This trend has excited families into putting full fireplaces, fire pits and pizza ovens onto their patios across the country. While fireplaces and pizza ovens can definitely help anchor and define an outdoor space, they can overpower small areas. [...]

Elevated Beauty with Segmental Retaining Walls

By constructing a raised planter you will lift your flowers and plants to capture attention and praise people passing by. Raised planters are the perfect way to show off patios, entry ways and pool sides. Raised planters also provide a better living environment for most plants. The soil stays less compacted and provides better drainage. [...]

Outdoor Fireplace defines Outdoor Spaces

There are few improvements you can make to your outdoor living experience that will bring a family or group of friends together like an outdoor fireplace. There is something about the mesmerizing flames and the "crack" and "pop" of a real wood burning fire that fascinates people, young and old alike. There is a deep [...]

Quite Moments on Private Patios

Outdoor living space shouldn’t cost a fortune or half a year to construct. Deciding how much time you will spend entertaining and what you will use it for, will save money, time and effort. Within twenty steps of your backdoor, you can create an outdoor living space that reflects your individual lifestyle and taste. Let [...]

Make Magic with Stone Veneer

For external wall surfaces such as garden walls, garden beds, masonry retaining walls and a fireplace face that have no appeal and look quiet boring, you can enhance these applications by selecting a stone veneer product to create natural beauty, additional character and the impact of the design emphasis that is continuous in texture and [...]

Soul Soothing Water Features

Water features in the landscape are the perfect way to create a soothing oasis of sights and sounds. The tinkle of water splashing on rocks and the flash of sunlight as it reflects from a bubbling fountain are just a few of the joys a backyard water feature can bring. Connecting your water feature to [...]